• Latest Podcast: My Warm Table... with Sonia Nolan

    Professor Camilla Andersen chats with Sonia Nolan about bringing fine print to life with Comic Book Contracts.

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  • "T&Cs Like You've Never Seen Before" - Bankwest

    Introducing the latest in visual contracting: Bankwest's Easy Transaction Account Product Schedule. Created by Comic Book Contracts in close collaboration with our sponsors, Bankwest.


    Graphic Justice: pictures worth 1000 words Exhibition Feature



    Didn't have a chance to visit the exhibition at Sir Henry Gibbs Legal Heritage Centre? Don't worry, you can still read the Comic Book Contracts feature online! You can find examples from the Comic Book Contracts team, and a Q&A with Professor Camilla Andersen. You can follow the link here, or click on the exhibition image below.