• How did it all begin?

    Initiatives for illustrated comic book contracts started almost simultaneously, in Western Australia and South Africa - in Academic and Practical Circles. Sounds like law needs an update...

    With what could possibly be the future of contract law, UWA Professor Camilla Baasch Andersen first experimented with the concept of Comic Book Contracting in 2016 when she was approached to help engineering students understand their obligations while working for the UWA Makers.


    Understanding the difficulties Engineering students may have in understanding complex legal jargon, Professor Andersen worked with UWA’s Associate Professor Adrian Keating to draw up a contract with cartoons.

    Professor Andersen and Associate Professor Keating used simple pictures and minimal dialogue to convey the nuances and complexities surrounding Non-Disclosure Agreements.


    The visual contracts were well received by both students and engineering companies, leading to the use of comic contracts again this year.

    Now, the concept of comic book contracts is attracting attention worldwide. Lawyers in South Africa have used comic book contracts for employment contracts and author Robert Sikoryak has transformed Apple's gargantuan terms and conditions into a digestible and friendlier, easy to read graphic novel!


    The University of Western Australia held its Inaugural Comic Book and Creative Contracts Conference during the 7th and 8th of December 2017. The conference attracted speakers and experts in contract innovation from all over the world who shared their knowledge, thoughts and first-hand experience on visualisation and cutting-edge innovation in the world of contract law. For more information on what was discussed click here!

    Since 2016, we have collaborated with a number of sponsors to help them implement their own comic book contracts in their businesses. Check some of the examples available on this website.