• Practical Examples of Comic Book and Creative Contracting

    Below are practical examples of actual comic book contracts used to convey rights and liabilities in a visual form.

    Comic book strips designed by Camilla Andersen and Loui Silvestro. The strips detail the need by 'Makers' to keep a detailed journal when contributing to a project. The journal allows them to keep a detailed record of the contribution made by the 'Makers', for both access to the rights of using whatever product they designed as well as to track the amount of payment they are owed.

    Another example of a comic book strip designed by Camilla Andersen and Loui Silvestro. The comic strip details the specifics of abiding by Non-Disclosure Agreements. The comic strip clearly shows that although you CAN talk about the project you are working on, you CANNOT talk about how you go about conducting the project.

    Examples of comic book contracting requested by the National Hardship Register which Camilla Andersen and Loui Silvestro help design. They depict circumstances in which people may find themselves suffering from hardship.

    This image depicts the classic fundamental concepts of a contract; negotiation of an offer, followed by an acceptance of that offer which leads to a contract.

    An example of visual contracting applied to Bankwest's Easy Transaction Account Product Schedule. Here we can see 'the fine print whisperer' (an informed character) walking a potential customer through everything they will need to know before entering into a contract with Bankwest.