• SPOT TED Talk - Graphic Contracts by Camilla Andersen

    In this SPOT TALK delivered by Professor Andersen, she comments and 'encourages' an entire profession to consider a different approach to contracting. Professor Andersen comments on the difficulties faces in today's globalised world and how creative contracting, especially comic book contracts, can help overcome many barriers which hinder our ability to draft effective and comprehensible legal contracts.


    Watch ahead to learn more about why we need creative approaches to contracting.

  • Robert De Rooy discussing the inception of the idea and the practical uses of Comic Book Contracts.

  • Interview with 6PR

    Camilla talks with Chris Isley of local Perth radio station 6PR. This radio interview is insightful as Chris hones in on the more important questions that follow comic book contracts. Is there a danger that in using comic book contracts, important information will be left out? Isn't there the danger of over-simplification that end user licence agreements and other tedious legal documents seek to overcome? Here Camilla mentions that while simplification will not be ideal in all instances, for many other contracts, such as in end-user licence agreements, comic book contracts would make contracts more comprehensible. This radio interview is an interesting dialogue between Chris and Camilla addressing many other aspects of Comic Book Contracts not focused on in other media.