• The 2017 Inaugural Comic Book Conference Is Available for Viewing!

    Every presentation delivered during the Conference can now be watched here on the official Comic Book Contracts Webpage! Click here to view the presentations given on Day 1 or here to view Robert French's closing speech!



    Comic Book Contracts

    The Comic Contracts project is about rethinking some aspects of contract law.


    Is there room for images in contracts?

    Should there be?

    Can they be made up of all images?


    The reason is simple - while not all contracts will be improved with visualisation or comic strips, SOME will. There are too many micro-transactions where people do not read their agreements, too many alienating and not always needed terms in everyday contracts, and too much obfuscation of agreements with legal jargon. This made vulnerable groups unable to engage with standard contracts. Accordingly, the concept of simplified and visual contracts seems timely; as the Comic Contract in the Media evidences, the idea has been well received and has spread widely.


    This website is dedicated to the Comic Contract initiative and its impact. With advances in legal technology, the recently held inaugural Comic Book and Creative Contracts convention held at UWA in 2017 and large organisations such as Aurecon investing and implementing visual contracts in the workplace, now is the perfect time to investigate the phenomenon.