•  Graphic Justice: pictures worth 1000 words

    Graphic Justice: pictures worth 1000 words explores how legal practitioners, companies and advocacy groups are beginning to apply ‘design thinking’ and ‘graphic justice’ principles to help people better understand and navigate the law.

    Now on display at the Sir Harry Gibbs Legal Heritage centre, Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law and online!

    IACCM Vibe Summit 2020: Contract Design & Simplification

    with Camilla Andersen, Peter Corner, and Horia Slusanschi

    22 September 2020

    The Legal Meth Lab Series

    The Altruistic Ventures collective has created a platform to demystify popular methodology and disciplines which have taken the legal industry by storm, this initiative will bring together a panel of experts to share quality, pragmatic and realistic knowledge of trending topics.

    Western Australia's Individualised Services

    We are very excited to announce that two visual contracts now available for people who are directly engaging their own supports, as an alternative to written text contracts. These are employment contracts (casual and part time/full time) for people who are directly employing their own support workers to use and based on the WA State Industrial Relations system.

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