• Conference Appearances

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    University of Copenhagen CEPRI (Centre for Private Governance) and Copenhagen Legal Tech Lab Seminar:

    Comic Book Contracting

    with Camilla Andersen and Peter Corner (Alternative Contracting) as Keynote speakers - 10 August 2022

    CEPRI and Copenhagen Legal Tech Lab hosted a lunch guest seminar, where Camilla and Peter shared their knowledge and presented their work on comic book contracting.

    The seminar was also part of an ongoing collaboration between CEPRI and UWA, and afforded an opportunity for Camilla to liaise with associate professor Marta Andhov, who will be collaborating with the Comic Contracting team on procurement contracts at UWA from January 2023.

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    Copenhagen Business School:

    Visuelle kontrakter fra Australien (Visual Contracts from Australia)

    with Camilla Andersen and Peter Corner (Alternative Contracting) as Keynote speakers - 3 August 2022

    Hosted in Danish, Camilla and Peter spoke about their work on visual contracting.

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    World Commerce & Contracting Vibe Summit 2020

    with Camilla Andersen and Peter Alexander as guest speakers - 22 September 2020

    World Commerce & Contracting (WCC) has reimagined its conferences virtually. Vibe Summit is online this September. WCC has partnered with Communiqué, one of the world’s leading virtual event platforms, to create a truly immersive, interactive, and valuable experience for the Contract and Commercial Community.

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    Ask the Expert: Visual Contracts...Worth a Look?

    with Peter Alexander and Camilla Andersen - 26 March 2020

    Legal Design has been developing different streams of theory and practice throughout the world, innovating and changing the way lawyers work. Researchers in Western Australia have taken this to a whole new level, creating contracts in comic book form which are read, understood and (so far!) undisputed.This new format of contracting, which drives behaviour to avoid conflict, and offers pathways to justice for some, is well worth a look.

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    Disrupted Festival of Ideas -
    Law and Order: Technology on Trial, Are Comic Contracts Binding?

    with Alex Cook, Camilla Andersen, James Bordi, Kate Offer and Marilyn Bromberg

    The theme of the 2019 Disrupted Festival of Ideas at the State Library of WA - 27 and 28 July - was 'Truth'. Disrupted explored the theme of truth and how it is subverted and manipulated to influence. The people of WA joined discussion, debate, intimate conversations and immersive events with wild and creative thinkers from around Australia.

  • Selected External Talks for Industry

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    2019 Presentations

    with Peter Corner from Alternative Contracting

    • Making Sense of Comic Book Contracts: A New Interpretational Challenge? - 7 November 2019
      Presentation to the WA Bar Association 
    • Jackson MacDonald Innovation in Western Australia - 31 August 2019 
      “Comic Contracting, YES! It’s a Real Thing!” (Panel and Paper)
    • IACCM Conference Sydney - 25 July 2019
      Comic Contracts and Legal design (with Liam Hayes from Aurecon) 
    • Copenhagen Business School Public Seminar (Keynote) 9 July 2019
      Kontraktsvisualisering (in Danish) [contract visualisation] 
    • University of Leicester - 28 June 2019
      Teaching Comic Contracting
    • Centre for Commercial Law Studies London - 27 June 2019
      Making Contracts Readable 
    • University of Exeter - 26 June 2019
      Teaching Comic Contracting  
    • Skibbe Law Firm Legal Design Conference, Amsterdam - 22 June 2019
      Understanding Comic Contracts (Keynote, Panel and Workshop)
    • Janders Dean Horizons (Sydney) 20 July 2018 & 21 July 2018 
      (Keynote & Contract Jam workshop; with Loui Silvestro from Alternative Contracting) 
  • Legal Education Conference Presentations

    Piddington Law Society, Indonesia
    “Comic Contracts in Law”

    1 June 2019

    Global Legal Skills, University of Melbourne

    “Has the Law been Blind to Graphics?” ​

    Conference Date: 10 - 13 December 2018


    Professor Andersen Appeared on 13 December


    Conference Website: https://glsc.jmls.uic.edu/2018/program/


    Australasian Law Teachers Association Conference

    Love, Law and revenge; “Teaching what isn’t there (yet)”

    Conference Date: 4 - 6 July 2018


    Professor Andersen Appeared on 5 July 2018


    Conference Website: http://www.promaco.com.au/events/alta2018/ 

    Western Australian Teachers of Law Conference - Visualising Law

    25 September 2018 via Jaya Ralph

  • Perth Comic Arts Festival - Prompting a New Niche for Graphic Artists

    September 2018

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    A short video highlighting the conference can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B3lHdHL49w 

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    Fremantle Community Legal Centre Conference

    Public Conference held on 8 March 2018 co-organised by the Piddington Law Society.