• ABC Law Report Interview - 2016

    One of the project’s first forays into mainstream media was the ABC Law Reports interview with Robert de Rooy and Professor Camilla Andersen, where they explain the thoughts behind their work. Listen to the interview that first sparked the nation’s interest.

  • Our Recent Videos and Interviews about Comic Book Contracts

    BYU Radio - Top of Mind with Julie Rose

    12 February 2020

    Professor Camilla Andersen speaks with Julie Rose from BYU Radio about comic book contracts and how companies can improve their relationship with employees through comic book contracts, and what comic book contracts can look like.

    You can listen to this interview online through the following link: here.

  • Engineering Reimagined

    Innovation versus risk: how do visual contracts stack up?

    In this Engineering Reimagined Podcast, Aurecon’s Managing Director for Built Environment John McGuire and Professor Camilla Andersen discuss the complexities of innovation versus risk and the vital role visual contracts can play in engaging people.

  • Aurecon LinkedIn Video: Visual Contracts with UWA

    Watch Aurecon's LinkedIn Video of their experience in developing Comic Employment Contract with our team. Free of legal jargon, Aurecon's visual employment contracts were developed to make these unnecessarily complex contracts simple and user-friendly.

  • Local ABC Radio Interviews

    ABC Radio North Queensland in Townsville - 9 February 2018

    Morning Show hosted by Andy Toulson.


    Professor Andersen appears in the Morning Show at 10:30 am.

    ABC Radio Adelaide - 23 January 2018

    Drive show hosted by Jules Schiller.


    Professor Andersen appears in the Drive Show at 2:00 pm.

    ABC Radio Newcastle - 23 January 2018

    Morning Show hosted by Christine Sheridan.


    Professor Andersen appears in the Drive Show at 9:40 am.


    Click here to download the Morning Show and listen to the interview!


    Note: it is embedded in a PowerPoint - click the speaker icon on the PowerPoint to listen.

  • SPOT TED Talk - Graphic Contracts by Camilla Andersen

    In this SPOT TALK delivered by Professor Andersen, she comments and 'encourages' an entire profession to consider a different approach to contracting. Professor Andersen comments on the difficulties faces in today's globalised world and how creative contracting, especially comic book contracts, can help overcome many barriers which hinder our ability to draft effective and comprehensible legal contracts.


    Watch ahead to learn more about why we need creative approaches to contracting.

  • Robert De Rooy discussing the inception of the idea and the practical uses of Comic Book Contracts.