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    Musings on the comic book contract project and legal design thinking

    Camilla Baasch Andersen - Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics - 3 March 2020


    Professor Andersen's recent article explores the state of legal design in law and portrays the recent advancements in comic book contracting done at the University of Western Australia (UWA). It makes the important points that legal innovation is making room for design and illustrations, and in doing so it needs to make way for collaboration and respect for different skill sets.


    This article has been published in the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, and is available through Taylor & Francis online.

    Engineering Visual Contracts: Using If-Then Thinking to Develop Behavioral Drivers for Imaging

    Camilla Andersen & Adrian Keating - Journal of Open Access to Law 21 February 2020

    The UWA Comic Contracting project has had a number of successful implementations of their visual comic book contracts. This paper focuses on one of the key interdisciplinary approaches, namely the engineering thinking that is developed to group behavioral drivers, and create legal images for contracts. The paper draws from a number of examples, but primarily focuses on the Aurecon employment contract, which is rolled out across a number of jurisdictions. The paper touches on some of the key impact data from the Aurecon contract.

    This article has been published in the Journal of Open Access to Law, and is available here.

    The University of Western Australia Law Review - Special Edition


    This special edition of the UWA Law Review includes papers which were given at the 2017 Comic Book Conference and an illustrated account of the conference by Michaela O'Dougherty.


    This publication also includes updated insights into visual law and legal design with several new papers from Stuart Medley, Bruce Mustard, Kim Wright and Collette Brunschwig.


    This publication is free to read online at the following link.