• The Aurecon Contract

    Below is the official Aurecon Employment Contract given to Level 7 and below staff. It is a product of the collaboration between Aurecon and the University of Western Australia. Every new employee is required to complete this contract upon beginning their employment at Aurecon. As indicated by the highlighted portions of the contract, each contract is designed to cater to the individual beginning their journey at Aurecon.


    Furthermore, the contract is designed to be the one-stop resource for all employment related policies. By clicking through on the links in the contract, employees are able to instantly view Aurecon's various policies such as the:

    • Leave Policy;
    • Flexible Working Policy;
    • Remuneration Packaging Options;
    • Shared Care Policy; and
    • access the Current National Employment Standards.
    Scroll on down below to read and view the contract in its entirety!