On the 7th and 8th of December, in the warm summer in Perth in Western Australia, the leading innovators in contract visualisation, contract design and comic contracts got together for the first Comic and Creative Contracts Conference in the world.

    The emerging industry need for legal simplification and better contract design, with focus on comic book contracting was a key component of discussion in the convention. Held on the award-winning campus of the University of Western Australia, and as part of the Law School's 90th anniversary, pioneers specialising in contract law and innovative business practices met to discuss the evolution of contracts. For a list of all the inspiring and innovative speakers, click here. The resounding success of the first Comic Book and Creative Contracts Conference Convention here at the University of Western Australia has ensured that innovative contracting will be at the forefront of legal innovation and that future conferences bringing awareness to innovative contracting will be held!


    Continue on to go on a visual tour of the conference to read (and see!) what exciting topics were discussed at the Inaugural 2017 Comic Book and Creative Contracts Conference!